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Water for the World Act Needs Your Help

November 17, 2010 Water for the World Act Needs Your Help The Sen. Paul Simon Water for the World Act unanimously passed the U.S. Senate (S. 624) last September. It now is in the House of Representatives (H.R. 2030), where the hope is that it will be passed during the current lame duck session of Congress. Most observers give the bill little chance of passage when the 112th Congress convenes in January 2011. So it's now, or perhaps never. The bill would provide clean water and sanitation to 100M people. Here is more information from Water Advocates: Now is the most important time to contact your member of the House of Representatives to ask them to pass the Water for the World Act. The bill has already passed the Senate. We have an opportunity with one last push from all of you to make this work. Your member of the House of Representatives needs to hear from you during the lame duck Session, which begins on November 15 and may end in early December. This lifesaving legislation would go a long way toward ending the world's largest health crisis - the diseases caused by the lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation. It would also give the United States an important leadership role in providing access to water, sanitation and hygiene for millions of the world's poorest people. All House offices can be called through 202-225-3121, or more directly by getting their office numbers from

Coast Redwood Forests in a Changing California: A Symposium for Scientists and Managers

 AnnouncingA Call for Papers and Posters 

Water related conferences and calls for papers

 The Water Quality Information Center's listing of water-related conferences and calls for papers was updated today. The listing is available at

Child survival is the new green

"Required viewing" for those who want to know about the world, now and what it can become. Click the post title to view. 


Water, Volume 2, Issue 2 published. Open Access Journal.

Water, Open Access Journal Published Online
Volume 2, Issue 2 (June 2010), Pages 120-320 at

Table of Contents:

Frederick A. Armah, David O. Yawson, Genesis T. Yengoh, Justice O. Odoi
and Ernest K. A. Afrifa

Water for People Africa needs a regional manager

 We have recently advertised this position at Water for People, and are looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm to drive our work forward.

River Restoration Shortcourse: Fluvial-Geomorphic & Ecological Tools

 River Restoration: Fluvial-Geomorphic and Ecological Tools     

Inaugural Issue of "Water": An International and Interdisciplinary Scientific Open Access Journal   

From the first article in the first issue: 
John Bridgeman
School of Civil Engineering, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK

Climate Change Resource Center provides focused info and tools for wildland managers

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a reference Web site for resource managers anddecisionmakers who need information and tools to address climate change in planning and project implementation. Changing climates have already catalyzed changes in environments throughout the United States, and future effects are expected to be greater. Although future scenarios are daunting, managers can do much to promote adaptation to climate change and encourage reduction of human effe

Reaping Riches in a Wretched Region: Subsidized Industrial Farming and Its Link to Perpetual Poverty

Lloyd G. Carter's provocative article about the Westlands Water District in California's Great Valley.

USGS posts new geologic map of the US

The Shape of the Universe

The Shape of the Universe

Howard Reingold

If you are fortunate enough to share a neighborhood with a leafy elm, a gnarly oak, a soaring redwood, take another look at its silhouette against the sky. That self-similar 4-D explosion of branching branches is a clue to a cosmic riddle or two, and a key concept in fields as unrelated as vascular surgery and software design.

The Buddha knew this, and so do neurologists, database programmers, and mythologists.

Ag Sec'y Vilsack gives a speech about the Forest Service

And he talks about water and restoration. We have arrived!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB

Jamie Workman's 'Heart of Dryness' Released Today

Jamie Workman's book, Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought, is being released today. It's next on my 'must read' list.

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